How-to Pull Off a Skirt in Cold Weather

I’ve spent the past 23 years of my life in Wisconsin, which means I know a thing or two about cold-weather dressing. It may be March and spring is just around the corner, but for us Midwesterners there is the harsh reality that we’re still going to have to tough out a few more weeks if chilly temps before spring officially arrives.IMG_7199On days the sun does peak out and temps rise into the upper 30’s or maybe even 40’s (if we’re lucky), why not celebrate with a skirt?


Here are some tricks to stay warm:

  • Look for a skirt made of a nice, thick material such as wool. Plaid skirts are having a moment and are super easy to find. Not only do they have beautiful texture and structure to them they have a hint of added warmth! Save the silky, lighter numbers for when temps rise!
  • Wear over-the-knee boots or tights (or both)! I love layering over-the-knee socks under my boots to beat the wind. Try to stay away from cotton or socks that cause your shoes to fit too tightly: both are culprits of cold feet!!
  • Pull on your favorite sweater and don’t forget to layer! Put a tank under, and maybe even throw a vest or another jacket over the top. Now that we’re through the thick of winter a thinner knit is a great choice to balance out a skirt that has ruffles, folds or a pattern!
  • Make your accessories work double duty and pick out a cute hat that adds both style and warmth! I’m currently loving berets. This one was a super simple, affordable H&M piece that I embroidered my own Swarovski crystal beads on.

Have any tips on how stay warm yet fashionable while patiently waiting for spring? Share in the comments below!


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